Saturday, June 2, 2012

Moving Blog!

Alright guys, so many of you who read my personal blog probably also know that I have a creative blog called The Dragons Fairy Tail. I also have a website called The Dragons Fairy Tail that houses all of my creative projects and tutorials as well as a few extras. I have been trying to juggle everything and have been doing okay at keeping up but I have made the decision to move my personal blog (this one--The Forgot Me Knot) to The Dragons Fairy Tail blog. It has been a tough decision but it will be a lot easier for me to keep it up to date if it's all in one place and I mostly post creative and fun pics of my family on here anyway. I'm not a big story writer.

All of the previous posts have been moved over to that blog. They are being uploaded onto there as we speak and so you will be able to find everything you found here, there now. I will be deleting the posts off of here within the next week but I will not be getting rid of the blog so if you forget the web address of where the new posts are being posted, you can come here and find it in this post. Please update your directories so you can see everything still. I will still be posting everything I was posting on here at the dragons fairy tail so that includes my 52 week pictures, and picture updates of our family.

The only big difference besides a different web address will be that my creative posts and projects will be posted on there as well. The great thing however is that, if you click on "family blog" on the sidebar at any point, it will only show you the posts about my family so you don't have to read all the creative stuff if you don't want to do that.

Anyways, I hope this isnt too confusing for everyone.

Here is the link to where they will be posted: